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Accessing your Profile

Your profile contains your personal information, some of which is visible to others using EITOnline. You can add additional content such as your interests, your picture and social media details to your profile page or you can change some of the existing content such as your email address and location. You can access your profile via your personal menu in the top right corner of the page.


To access your profile hover over your personal menu (your name) to expand the menu. When the drop-down menu appears click on your full name from the list of options - in the pic below the user full name is Elearning Account. This will take you to your profile page.


The profile page should now display.

Edit Profile

To edit your profile click on Edit profile.

Some settings such as your name and username cannot be changed but your email address, location, interests and picture can. If you make changes to your profile make sure you save the changes by clicking on Update Profile before leaving the page.

Go to the next page in this book to see how to change your email address.