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Blocks are sections of EIT Online course pages that contain specific content. Some default blocks such as the Navigation block and Administration block will show throughout the site. Individual courses may have different block layouts with blocks visible on the right side of the page. In courses the course coordinator controls which blocks (other than the default blocks) are visible in their course.

Hiding blocks

How to hide and show blocks
You can control the appearance of blocks by using the Hide (collapse) and Show (expand) icons to change the way the blocks display on your screen. In the example below the Administration block is collapsed and then expanded.
Collapes and expand blocks
Click the Show icon (+) to display the entire block. The Show icon is highlighted in blue. Click the Hide icon (-) highlighted in green to collapse a block so only the heading of the block is seen.

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Docking blocks

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Block - Dock/Undock

  1. Dock icon - Click the Dock icon to send a block to the Vertical Dock area
  2. Undock icon -Click the Undock icon to permanently undock a block and it will return to its original size and location.
  3. Vertical Dock - The area in the top left corner of EITOnline where docked blocks are grouped in tabular format.
  4. Tab - Each docked block displays as a separate tab in the Vertical Dock.
  5. Pop-up Menu - When you mouse-over a Tab the menu or content for that particular block will temporarily display in a pop-up style format.


You can dock blocks to a Vertical Dock area by using the Dockicon found in the top right hand corner on every block. Each docked block becomes a Tab in the Vertical Dock area and has a Pop-up menu available so you can access block content.


You can undock blocks from the Vertical Dock area by using the Undockicon. To undock a single block click on the Undock icon in the blocks Pop-up menu and the block will return to its original size and location on the page. To undock all previously docked blocks click on the Undock icon in the bottom left corner of the Vertical Dock area.

How to hide and show blocks
Vertical Dock  Pop-up Menu
Use of the Vertical Dock can create more page space or offer a less cluttered layout. Customising the page by docking blocks is an individual preference. Changes made are only visible to the individual making the changes. Docked blocks will remain in Tab format even after you log out and log back in again so be aware of what blocks are sitting in the Vertical Dock area. Each Tab in the Vertical Dock area has a Pop-up menu so you can access block content. In order to view the content all you have to do is hover the mouse over it and the block menu/content will be displayed in a Pop-up menu for as long as your mouse remains hovered over the block name from within the Vertical Dock area.

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