EITOnline Layout

  • EITOnline landing page (Site home)
  • Logged in view

EITOnline landing page (Site home)

When a user first goes to EITOnline and before they login the Site home page (landing page) is displayed.The picture below shows six areas of EITOnline's Site Home page users should know about. Information about each of these areas can be found below the picture. To access this page again after having logged in users will need to click on the Site Home link via the Navigation block.

  1. Log In The top link always shows your login status and can also be used to log in or out. The Login block at the bottom of the page disappears once a user successfully logs in.
  2. Menu Shortcuts Links are placed in the dark grey menu bar
  3. Social Networks Use the Globe/World icon to get quick access to students MyEIT page
  4. Notices EITOnline notifications, warnings and announcements are displayed here. They can be written in Green, Blue or Red depending on the severity or impact
  5. Student Help Used to navigate help pages about EITOnline and also access the student landing page (MyEIT)
  6. Search courses Used to browse lists of available courses in EITOnline

Logged in view

Once a user successfully logs in to EITOnline their Dashboard page will be displayed. The Dashboard page shows any EITOnline courses a user has already enrolled into. Also, the layout of this page customisable. 

  1. My courses menu This lists all courses in EITOnline the user is enrolled in; it displays throughout the site as long as the user is logged in
  2. Student Help A dropdown list of Online books to help support students with using EITOnline
  3. All Courses Browse all available courses in EITOnline - listed by school
  4. Messages and Account information This area can be used to log out of the site and edit your profile. Also, clicking on the username provides quick access to several user related tools
  5. Navigation Bar/Breadcrumb trail Links in the Navigation Bar allow navigation around courses and the site
  6. Course overview shows a list of courses in which a user is enrolled/has an assigned role
  7. MyEIT Click on the globe/world icon to go to the student MyEIT page
  8. Navigation Block This block gives users access to their courses and course content; it displays throughout the site
  9. Student Communication Tweets about student related events or notices