Student Help - Logging In

Login Issues

  • Has your password expired?
  • Forgotten your EIT Password? 

Has your password expired?

EITOnline will remind you when your password is due to expire from 7 days prior. You should change your password before the last available day and you can use EITOnline to do this. Once your password expires you will not be able to login into EITOnline until it has been changed elsewhere. Accounts with expired passwords will not work in EITOnline and will constantly return you back to the EITOnline login screen stating your username and password are incorrect. If this happens then go to to change your expired password or use one of the password reset kiosks available in the EIT Libraries and at the IT Services Helpdesk. Otherwise contact the Student Support staff in the Library or email the IT Services Helpdesk to reset your password but have your ID Card or other form of identification handy.

Forgotten your EIT password?

On Campus

There are password reset kiosks in the EIT Libraries and at the IT Services Helpdesks. If located at a regional centre ask one of the regional centre coordinators to reset your password but remember to have your ID Card or other form of Identification with you.

Off Campus

Contact Student Support in the EIT Libraries or email the IT Services Helpdesk You will most likely be asked security questions to check your identity.