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Course Layouts

NOTE: Course layouts vary from course to course and faculty to faculty so your course layout may vary to those shown below.

Course Summary

Every course has a summary section at the top of each course. At a minimum a course summary has the course title displayed.

The course summary in your course may also include;

  • The aims of the course
  • An introduction to the lecturer
  • A course outline or course information
  • One or two resources such as a help or course announcements forum

Picture of a course showing General Introduction

Topic/Module Format

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Courses using Topic format are set out in Topics or Modules and each separate section in the course has a Topic/Module number (Topic 2), Topic/Module name (Assignments), or both. The course is grouped into Topics/Modules by the Lecturer and the topics flow vertically one after the other down the page. A Topic/Module is usually completed before the next Topic/Module is started.

Picture of modular course

Weekly Format

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Courses using Weekly format have a separate section for every week of the course. The dates are shown at the top of each section and the sections flow vertically one after the other down the page. The current week is always highlighted. (A grey shadow box appears around the current week as shown in the example below.)

Picture of weekly course layout

Other Formats

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Some courses use a website menu format where each section is shown as a tab near the top of the course. The sections are listed in a tabular format across the page and only the content from the selected tab will display on the page. Selecting another tab will then show the content of that section. The current section has a white background and all others are dark grey.

Picture of Forum layout

Other courses may have collapsed sections where each week or topic can be expanded and collapsed by the person viewing the course. This limits the amount of scrolling down the page you need to do to reach the current section. The sections flow vertically one after the other down the page but are collapsed. Clicking on the arrow at the left of the section will expand the content within that section. Clicking on the arrow again will collapse it back down again. You can have more than one section expanded at the same time.