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Customising the Dashboard

  • Customising the Dashboard
  • My private files block
  • Adding a block

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Customising the Dashboard

Click on the Customise this page button to alter the layout and click on the Stop customising this page button when finished.

When you click on the Customise this page button, a set of editing icons similar to those shown below appears in the block titles. These icons are; 

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1. Move - Alter location of this block

2. Cog - Configure/Update this block

3. Eye - Hide/Show this block

4. Cross - Delete this block

This video is very useful on showing you how to customise your Dashboard page and reorder courses showing on the page. Click here to take a look.

Move - Alter location of this block

Click on the Move icon to drag a block to a different location. A series of red rectangles appear on the page. Click any of these red rectangles and the block will move to that location. Click on Stop customising this page when finished.

Cog - Configure this block

The Cog icon takes you to the edit block settings. There is no need to configure blocks as students don't have rights to make any useful changes here anyway.

 Eye - Show/hide this block

How to Show or Hide a block. Click on the eye icon (Number 3 in the picture above). The icon changes to an crossed out eye icon and the block it is associated with fades. This signifies the block is now hidden. After you click on Stop customising this page the block will no longer be visible on the Dashboard page. Click on the Customise this page button once more, then click on the crossed out eye icon to reverse the process and make the block visible again.

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Cross - Delete this block

Click on the Cross icon  to delete a block. Not all blocks can be deleted on the Dashboard page as many are default blocks used by everyone. In these cases you can hide or dock them but not delete.  See Adding a Block info below for the way to restore/show this block again. Click on Stop customising this page when finished.


Manage my private files

Here are two ways to access My private files. The easiest way is to access it is from the dropdown list which is available when hovering over your account name in the top right of the dark grey menu.

You can also add the My private files block to your Dashboard page by customising the page and adding the My private files block using the steps outlined under Adding a block section below.

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Regardless of how you choose to get to My private files once you are there then click on Manage my private files to add, update and delete your private files. Any files you add are not visible to other students or teachers. You can store up to 100MB of data in your my private files area and the files will be available as a source within the filepicker when selecting files to use in a course. You can use this area to temporarily store important files such as nearly complete assignments.

Adding a block

Click on the Customise this page button to alter the layout.

Find the Add a block block and click on the dropdown arrow to see a list of blocks available to be added to your Dashboard page. Some blocks are specially designed HTML blocks which if deleted cannot be added back again using this process but most can be re-added when customising the page. In courses the course coordinators have control of the blocks showing on your course pages. for more information on blocks visit the blocks page in the Navigation online help book.