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Export to Portfolio

  • What does Export to Portfolio function do?
  • What types of information can I export?
  • What types of Portfolios can I use?

What does Export to Portfolio function do?

The Export to Portfolios function allows students to export their work to an external portfolio such as Google Docs or to download their work to a file on their computer. This may be handy if wanting to download several forum posts or Glossary entries in one go. Using this feature may be quicker than manually sorting then capturing content from your course but it doesn't offer anything you couldn't do already using other methods such as copy and paste, screen capture/print screen or opening and saving a file. This functionality will only export Forum posts and Chat session content to an HTML file. Often this type of content will need to be converted or copied into Microsoft Word afterwards to make it more useful. 

In Internet Explorer (IE) if you get a yellow menu bar appearing when trying to download/export to a HTML file and, the Download File option from within the menu doesn't seem to work you may need to change IE settings or otherwise use another Internet browser such as Google Chrome to complete the task. If you want to change settings in IE then select on the Information bar Help option from the yellow menu bar and try one of options listed under Can I turn off the Information bar?

IE Settings

What types of information can I export?

You can only export your own entries or contributions added to a course via one of the following activities:

  • Assignment submissions
  • Chat sessions
  • Database activity entries
  • Fourm Posts
  • Glossary entries

If you see this option Export button in one of the activities mentioned above, click on Export to portfolio button to save the content to your computer or to Google Docs (if you have a Google account). In forums the Export to portfolio option shows in the bottom right of each post.

Export forum

Export formats are limited to:

  • HTML
  • LEAP2A (a specification for e-portfolio portability)
  • Images
  • Text
  • CSV (Spreadsheets)

What export formats are available to you when you use the Export to Portfolio feature will depend on what type of activity you are in, you may only have an option to export your work to one or two of the above formats. HTML format content can be copied and pasted into Microsoft Word to allow formating and editing.

What types of Portfolios can I use?

Contributions or submissions can only be exported to:

  • Google Docs
  • File Download (saves to the PC)