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Adobe Connect

  • What is Adobe Connect?
  • How is Adobe Connect used at EIT?
  • What is needed to access Adobe Connect?

What is Adobe Connect?

Adobe Connect is software used to deliver web conferencing, web meetings and virtual classrooms in the online environment. Here at EIT some individual courses (papers) will use a virtual classroom but not all. Adobe Connect virtual classrooms allow participants to attend from anywhere in the world as long as they have an Internet connection and a link to the virtual classroom they need to connect to. Course coordinators may schedule a virtual classroom session time to talk with students out on placement or located at a different campus from the lecturer. Blended or fully online courses may have regular lectures delivered to all students via a virtual classroom. Students studying degree level papers are sometimes required as part of the course to deliver powerpoint presentations to a wider audience in a virtual classroom so participants off-site can attend.

How is Adobe Connect used at EIT?

Each course using Adobe Connect would have a different weblink that links to its own virtual classroom area or page. The course coordinator would provide session times when students should be attending a virtual classroom and generally the same weblink will be used for all of the sessions scheduled for that particular course. Looking at EIT's test classroom weblink (below) the first part of the address (underlined in black) is the same as all other EIT virtual classrooms but the second part (in orange) will be different for every course. The /'testsession' part of the weblink below is the part that ensures you will be taken (in this case) to our testsession virtual classroom area.


What is needed to access Adobe Connect Virtual Classrooms?

You will need:

  • A computer with internet access. Wired connections (rather than using a wireless network) generally provide better connection speeds.
  • A headset with headphones & a mic (using an internal/inbuilt microphone and the computer speakers can work but often leads to sound interference which disturbs everyone else in the classroom)
  • A link to the specific virtual classroom you need to attend.

Tablets, iPads and smart phones do allow very limited functionality with Adobe Connect (if they have a fast internet connection). Adobe Connect Apps are available for some devices through their associated App Stores but its up to the individual to manage this and any connection issues. A laptop or PC is recommended. The information in these help pages relates to laptops and PC's only.

Read the other Adobe Connect pages in this book to find out how to Preparing for a VC, Connectivity issues and Presentations: How to share your screen.