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  • How do you become a Presenter in Adobe Connect?
  • How to share a presentation


How do you become a Presenter in Adobe Connect?

To deliver a presentation in a virtual classroom and have the ability to transition through slides, or share their computer desktop with others, students need to be given 'Presenter' status in the classroom. Course coordinators have two options when it comes to managing student presentations. Course coordinators can either ask for all PowerPoint or PDF files to be emailed through to them, then they can manage the process of uploading them into Adobe Connect on behalf of the students or, students can manage the whole process themselves. Either way the student will need to have elevated permissions in Adobe Connect so they can transition through the slides or pages as they speak to their presentation. Students normally have 'Participants' status in Adobe Connect but will need to be temporarily elevated to 'Presenter' status during their presentation. Only the course coordinator (or other Presenters/Hosts) can give students the 'Presenter' status. 

How to share a presentation

Most often students will be speaking to a PowerPoint or a PDF file they have prepared earlier but it is also possible to share you whole computer so that anything you do on your PC is displayed to others in the classroom. Before deciding which mode to use have a look at these...

Support Materials:

Additional Considerations:

  • Adobe Connect Add-in - This must be installed if you are going to start sharing. Make sure you are using a Internet browser that will allow the Adobe Connect Add-In to install. See VC connectivity issues help page for more information and Preparing for a Virtual Classroom on how to install the Add-In.
  • Share Document - Adobe Connect will only allow certain file types (like PDF's or PowerPoint's) to be uploaded. Microsoft Word files will not upload. If you have trouble using the Share Document option then share your monitor instead
  • Share My Screen - It's good to remember that sharing your whole desktop or monitor will use more bandwidth than using the 'Share document' option