Students | How to use EIT Online

Preparing for a Virtual Classroom

  • Testing procedure
  • Your specific classroom

Testing procedure

This information is provided using Windows operating systems

Its very important to test your connection well before the scheduled classroom start time. This allows time to troubleshoot any problems. Our test classroom (available below) has elevated permissions allowing you to enable audio and adjust microphone settings for testing purposes.

Your specific classroom

Your course coordinator will need to grant speaking rights so the microphone icon may not be visible once you enter your course specific classroom. Often there is no need for participants to talk until the end of the class during Q&A time. You'll find the chat pod is the most common way to communicate with your course coordinator by typing in questions.

There will be a specific link that you will need to use to enter the virtual classroom for your course. Typically the specific link will be supplied to you by your course coordinator (or listed in your EITOnline course). You should at this time make sure you know where your course specific link is found and click on the link to make sure it works (the Adobe Connect login page should come up).

Contact your course coordinator or programme secretary if you are not sure where the specific classroom link is for your course well beforehand. Trying to get hold of your course coordinator by phone once the classroom has started will not be possible.